tuna time!

2 Mar

Could tuna be the best lunch ever or what!?

How I make my tuna-


red wine vinegar

low fat cottage cheese

low fat shredded cheddar cheese (or whatever kind of cheese you prefer)

green onion chopped

sliced tomatoes



ezekiel 4:9 spouted 100% whole grain bread (ONLY 80 CALORIES)

Salt, pepper, oregano, cayenne (whatever seasoning you like)

I always do an open face tuna melt.  I toast my bread, spread the avocado on the bread, add the tuna (mix of the red wine, low fat cottage cheese, green onion and seasoning), add the sprouts, tomatoes and then top with a little bit of shredded low fat cheddar (I find that when I use shredded, I use 1/3 of how much I would get from a slice of cheese) and throw it back in the toaster over until the cheese is lightly melted 😉 YUM

*if you want to add more, here are some suggestions: whole grain mustard, diced egg whites, diced cucumbers, or anything you feel fit! Be creative 😉

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