avocado toast with one egg

6 Mar

I say allow yourself to include the yolk in your egg! If you make scrambled eggs, maybe use 3 egg whites with 1 egg+yolk!

fried egg – 90 calories

1/4 avocado – 37.5

1 slice of ezekiel 100% sprouted whole grain bread – 80 calories

Total 207.5 calories!

*I was just thinking I wish I added a slice of tomato on top 😉

“Egg yolks are indeed full of cholesterol. Like most cholesterol-rich foods, they are jam-packed full of important nutrients, especially the fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids.

In fact, the slew of nutrients in an egg yolk is so comprehensive that a few a day would offer better insurance than a multi-vitamin. Most importantly, the yolk contains most of the nutrients in an egg.”

-Read more at http://www.cholesterol-and-health.com/Egg_Yolk.html

Another source says, “Eggs are a terrific source of healthy protein, dietary fats, B complex, vitamins, folate and other great nutrients that allow your body to thrive.  In fact a study by the International Journal of Obesity found the group eating 2 eggs a day lost 65% more weight and reduced their belly fat by 34% more than the group who just ate a bagel for breakfast.  Now that’s the power of eggs!


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