30 reasons to work out everyday

9 Mar

from healthy, s


exy, happy

1.) Helps you sleep better. 
2.) Enhance mood levels. 
3.) Can be an escape from school/work.
4.) Boosts energy & endurance. 
5.) Calms “reacting” impulses. 
6.) Strengthen your bones. 
7.) Improves posture. 
8.) Makes clothes fit better. 
9.) Decreases appetite for junk food.
10.) Gives you more self-control. 
11.) Makes you choose wiser.
12.) Reduces emotional steam.
13.) Reduces stress, depression & anxiety 
14.) Improves mental acuity. 
15.) Enhances your self esteem.
16.) Help increase confidence! 
17.) Improves sexual performance.
18.) Restores libido.
19.) Allows for occasional indulgences. 
20.) Helps to control your weight.
21.) Reduces the risk of many diseases. 
22.) Strengthens your immune system. 
23.) Boosts your immune system. 
24.) Speed your metabolism! 
25.) Builds & maintains healthy muscles. 
26.) Builds & maintains healthy bones. 
27.) Builds & maintains healthy joints. 
28.) Slows the aging process. 

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