Sunday=Spaghetti night

19 Mar

I LOVE SPAGHETTI! Even if it isn’t the healthiest thing for you!  Since Sunday is my cheat day, I decided to make this as healthy as possible, but not think too much about it!

I love this brand of Whole Gran pasta from Fresh and easy.  It is hard to find a good whole grain pasta that tastes good, this one is a good one for sure.

I always use organic sauce, usually Roasted Garlic.

Fresh washed mushrooms.

I used about 1/2 a pound of lean ground beef (use turkey meat instead if you wish).  I try to have red meat once a month.

Season it with garlic powder, salt, pepper, cumin, red pepper flakes, oregano and fresh garlic.

After the meat is browned, drain it and put it back in the cooking pan and add your sauce and add the fresh mushrooms (I also sometimes sauté the mushrooms).  Mix well and put on low heat until your pasta is finished cooking.

Caprese salad is so easy, all you need is:

Roman Tomatoes

Low fat mozzarella cheese log

Organic balsamic vinegar

Organic olive oil


Fresh Basil


PS: these proportions are not accurate, I was sharing with my hubby!

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