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22 Jul



paddle boarding

30 May

healthy competition

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16 Apr

bell curves

7 Apr

burn 100 calories now! GO!

29 Mar

Today’s workout-Bleachers!

21 Mar

Warm up:

Jog two laps

Run 4 laps and add in going up and down the bleachers each time you reach them and then continue onto the track until you reach the bleachers on the opposite side and continue up those.

Go to the bleachers and find a spot at the bottom and jump up and down on the bottom step (with two feet)  15xs and then run up and down one row of bleachers as fast as you can.  Repeat this three times.

Lean against the bench or the fence for push ups.  Then do a 30 second plank on the bottom row.  Repeat this three times.

Cool down:

Jog two laps.

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